Falling into Fantasy

To fantasize means to immerse one’s mind in improbable or impossible things. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a creature of the mind, living more in my mind than outside it. I can say that fantasy helps me to escape from my real life. I enjoy and love the characters and worlds that I draw and paint. Interestingly, I also include magical powers of the heroic people that I draw.


Here is why I think everyone should indulge in some fantasy every now and then.  


Why I love fantasy

Frozen fantasy picture

When I fantasize, I forget about my real world and the challenges I go through. I normally use paintings and drawings of my favorite actor in a TV program, like Frozen. When I do so, I feel relieved and experience great warmth in my mind because I forget the real life. Since I am more sensible than my siblings, I love being happy. Well, fantasy gives me that chance and many more advantages that I will tell you about in this article.


First, fantasy helps me to escape my real life


Everyone seeks for a means to forget the challenges they are going through in life. Well, I normally find fantasy as my cheapest and easy escape to do so. Even though my body stays on earth, I normally feel like I have taken a trip to the moon when I fantasize. At times, I find my life miserable and wish I was born a superstar. But fantasy gives me that chance to feel like one even if it will be for a short while.


Fantasy gives me magical powers

Little girl with Santa Claus

Who would mind to possess some magic or superpowers? Well, I love magic and enjoy having some when I fantasize. When I was a kid, I never missed watching Santa Claus. This gave me a kind of satisfaction that I could not explain.


Fantasy increases my expectations


I love expecting that great things will happen in my life any time. That is fantasy. However, fantasy helps me know that mistakes are normal and even the most perfect people can go wrong. When I escape from the real world, I see myself as a winner regardless of what my peers think of me. More so, I get to understand that even the most heroic people make mistakes even with all the devices and magic they possess.


Fantasy teaches me about emotions


I love watching fantasy movies and TV shows because I find real human emotions. The characters have actual bonds and make sacrifices just like people would do in real life. This helps me to see how I can apply such emotions in my daily activities. At some point, people will always make sacrifices for their loved ones even if it does not mean dying for them. I get comfort when I watch even the most heroic people make sacrifices just as normal human beings would do.


Getting a great connection to emotions, escaping from real life, increasing my expectations and getting magical powers are some of the reasons why I fantasize. At some point, everyone fantasizes in life although not all are aware that it is fantasy.

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Upgrade Earth Friendly

I was sitting on my couch after a long day of searching for the best way to upgrade my house. I found eco-friendly options when selecting upgrades for a house. This was my lucky day because I also learnt a few benefits for selecting these upgrades.


Here is what you can look forward to when you choose eco-friendly upgrades for your home:


Save, save and save money

Picture of money under the calculator

Saving money is the biggest benefit of choosing eco-friendly upgrades for your home whether kitchen or bathroom to living room. These products are designed to consume less water and power in comparison to other counterparts.


Most importantly, your cost of maintenance will be minimal and you will enjoy several years of warranty. This security will give you peace of mind because you can always return your appliance in case it fails within the warranty period. This will also apply when you buy earth-friendly upgrades for your house. For instance, you should check the source of energy for the appliance, its manufacturer and its lifespan.


Every year, your family can save up to 90 dollars in electricity bill when you use a front-load machine to do your laundry. More so, you will save 9,000 gallons of water with it. Apart from saving electricity and water bills, the green appliances clean your clothes properly as well.


The obvious reason – protecting our planet


The number one reason everyone thinks of the term earth-friendly is to protect our planet. Apart from being energy efficient, buying eco-green appliances for our homes decreases our resource wastage and consumption. This factor will help us to safeguard our environment in terms of fauna, flora, water and air. As a result, our world will always be clean and fit for our generations to come.


To conserve water, select an appliance that will consume little water. Toilets require lots of water and can increase our water bills if we select an appliance with high water consumption. Select showers with WaterSense labels. It is a certification for excellent performance, which decreases water consumption by 20%. This is better for the environment as well as for your pocket.


Enjoy safety and healthy life

Kitchen picture





When you buy upgrades for your house, select the appropriate size. A toaster oven is suitable for a small household because it can do both the cooking and baking. Extremely huge freezer or fridge will not only occupy space but will also increase your power bills and eat up space for other appliances. Nonetheless, when you select the right appliance, it will protect you from harmful chemicals. These green appliances are free of dangerous chemicals. This is advantageous to secure the environment, your friends and family. The appliances go through tests before the manufacturer releases them to the market.    


Today, our life has evolved quite a lot, thanks to technology. Manufacturers are coming up with eco-friendly devices to secure our environment. In addition, green appliances, especially for our home, help us save money on electricity and water bills. They help us live a healthy and easy life because they help us clean our clothes perfectly without hassle. The most important part is that eco-friendly appliances secure our environment and lets people enjoy fresh air and reduces water pollution.

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